2017 Ballot Access Drive

Once again, the Libertarian Party is beginning the process of becoming a “New Political Party” in Arkansas. To be on the ballot in 2018, we need to collect 10,000 valid signatures from registered voters over the next 90 days. That means we need a total amount of 15,000 signatures collected.

We have an excellent team of petitioners working on the task, but paid petitioners can only take us so far – and they’re expensive! If you’d like to help, there are 2 areas where you can help:

Gather Signatures

Get your family and friends to sign, go to local events where people are gathered, stand on a street corner downtown, etc.  Here are some tips to maximize your time. The official PDF file of the form can be downloaded here. Signed forms can be sent by mail to the LPAR. We prefer a full page of signatures but if you have a handful please mail in ASAP. Don’t let your signatures lay around, we need to track our progress frequently so mail them in batches. Thank you.

*Mailing address: LPAR, PO Box 46730, Little Rock, AR 72214

Buy Signatures

Perhaps you cannot find the time or are less-inclined to gather signatures. Help support the paid petition effort by donating. We’ve set up a dedicated fund below. Any amount you contribute will go directly to the ballot-access effort.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to cover 1/3 of the petition drive.

The national party is covering the additional expense and along with volunteer efforts, we will reach our goal with your help. Every dollar donated and every volunteer-collected signature saves precious LPAR resources to use for supporting our candidates next year. Let’s get going and get the Libertarian Party on the ballot in 2018!


2017 Ballot Access Fund